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Here come the brides!

Things are falling into place! We have almost all the people who will be our witnesses agree to be there for us. Got the flower girls and ring bearer. We are going tomorrow to the county to get a wedding appointment, hopefully, June 20th. A reception will be held the next day at the Municipal Rose Garden, hopefully. Actually it will be a good ol’ fashion lesbian potluck. I have asked our supervisor to wed us. Then we can prove to all the bigots who don’t even know us that we have not ruined their lives nor their marriages.

But of course the rat bastards have asked for a stay until their constitutional amendment goes up to a vote. See the Chronicle article here. The Alliance Defense Fund must have their panties in a collective knot. Gas is $4 a gallon here, more soldiers die in Iraq every day, this administration has broken everything possible not just in this country but around the world and they are worried about us making the four dogs and two cats legitimate children. OH wait, that goes to their wild eyed tales of beastiality and polygamy. I couldn’t help but notice that the real polygamists live in Texas and Arizona. Maybe they will see an opening and settle here in California.  Do they bother the Alliance Defense Fund?

Heehee, we’re gonna be June brides! Bring on the lemon poppy seed cake!

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