It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backward.

…it’s nice to see that I pissed everyone off this morning.

Now that we’ve established that I’m a hack, an asshole, a douche, and a very naughty boy who had disappointed his family in oh so many ways, I shall elaborate.

My point is, was, and will remain: I’m not going to reward bad behavior by voting for the person who would destroy the party unless they get the nomination. I don’t believe that she is going to get the nomination but if she were to somehow pull enough strings to basically rip it from Barack Obama’s hands, there is no way in hell that she could win. I’m not talking about people who are hard core supporters of either one of them, I’m talking about people who would be so disgusted by her actions and the process that they would sit on their hands rather than vote for her. I know it would happen and you know it would happen.

To put it another way: Hillary Clinton is like a mother standing on a bridge threatening to throw her baby in the river unless she is named Mother of the Year.

As Steve Benen puts it:

I’m 35, and have been following politics for quite a while, and I’ve never been so disappointed with a politician I’ve admired and respected. Yesterday’s tactics weren’t just wrong, they were offensive. For that matter, they seem to be part of a deliberate strategy to tear Democrats apart and ensure a defeat in November.

For several weeks, I’ve appreciated the fact that Clinton considers herself the superior candidate, and has kept her campaign going in the hopes, from her perspective, of saving the party from itself. But after yesterday, it’s become impossible for me to consider Clinton’s intentions honorable. Her conduct is not that of a leader.

What’s so striking is the shamelessness of her reversal(s). When Florida and Michigan broke party rules and were punished by the DNC, Clinton not only supported the decision, she honored it and spoke publicly about those votes not counting. One of her own top strategists was responsible for making the decision in the first place. Now, Clinton is saying, “Never mind what I said and did before.”

Clinton and her campaign insisted that this was a race for delegates, as per party rules. Now, Clinton is saying, “Never mind what I said and did before.” Clinton and her campaign said the finish line was 2,025. Now, Clinton is saying, “Never mind what I said and did before.”

Instead of trying to help bring the party together — Election Day is 24 weeks away — Clinton went to Florida to argue that if Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee, his nomination will be illegitimate. And if the DNC plays by the rules Clinton used to support, it’s guilty of vote-suppression — comparable to slavery, Jim Crow, and Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe.


Many Dems have been waiting for a soft landing, a graceful exit, a classy wrap-up. Clinton, for reasons that I want desperately to understand, has chosen to abandon these norms and instead choose a destructive, divisive path.

She’s playing a dangerous game in which the only winner is the Republican Party.

I’m more than willing to vote against my own enlightened self-interest, I’ve done so for years, but I’m not willing to vote for a Democrat who exhibits the selfish stupidity of a Republican.

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