I signed up for ‘ink-stained wretch’ not ‘stupid-stained wretch’

D’oh, no.

No one wants spend their precious time refuting the obvious:

War and Decision [Rich Lowry]

I’m told that the Washington Post won’t be reviewing Doug Feith’s book. And the New York Times hasn’t reviewed it yet either. I know as conservatives we always complain about MSM outfits not reviewing our books, but this is truly outrageous. Apparently it’s OK to heap every failure in Iraq on Feith’s head, but then to turn around and pretend he’s a figure of no consequence when he writes a book. A book that by all accounts is scrupulously substantive. NRO has given War and Decision notice here and here, among other places. The NR review will be in our next issue.

I think the New York Times is saving War and Decision for their annual Stupidest Fucking Pull-Out section that comes out in August.

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