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John McCain to unleash 101st Fighting Keyboarders – Concern Troll Division:

John McCain’s campaign is using their campaign website to encourage supporters to post supportive comments on political blogs, including the most well-known liberal site in the blogosphere. And to make things easier, they’re including talking points with which sympathizers can use to get out the McCain message.

"Select from the numerous web, blog and news sites listed here, go there, and make your opinions supporting John McCain known," instructs the page.

McCain supporters are asked to send the details of their comment to the campaign, which in turn will verify it and then reward the supporter with "points" (assumedly to accumulate for McCain swag).

Among the "featured blogs" currently is Daily Kos, the well-read liberal blog run by Markos Moulitsas that frequently mocks and attacks Republicans such as McCain.

You would think that they would be encouraging the McCain supporters (mainly made up of elderly people who use their "computer TV-box thing" for exchanging pictures of their grandchildren and searching for risque pictures of Jill St. John — hubba-hubba!) to spend more time shoring up McCain’s support in the comments at Malkin, Townhall, or Red State if they’re really desperate for low-hanging fruit. But, no, these are the same people who thought that invading Iraq was a swell idea.

If you’re looking for tell tale signs of McCain infestation, besides:

"John McCain is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life… Now where’s my fucking tote bag?"

I would be on the lookout for "Mary Rosh", "Sprezzatura", Maggie Gallagher, Armstrong Williams, and "Steven Forrest".

By the way, I wrote his post while enjoying the great taste of Dr. Pepper: "Now’s the Time. This is the Place. Dr Pepper Is The Taste." and wearing a Trojan condom, now with the incredible Vibrating Ring.

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