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UK Abortion Limit Remains at 24 Weeks Despite Washington Think Tank’s Plan

Good morning America.  Here in Britain Conservative Members of Parliament, funded and coached by Washington-based Alliance Defense Fund, have proposed a Bill intended to restrict abortion.

As in America the tactic is to use misleading statistics (eg. stress the fact that the UK has the highest abortion rate in Europe while not mentioning that it also has one of the highest birth rates, and the third largest population in Europe, only after Russia and Germany).

The Liberal Democrat Dr. Evan Harris, a high profile pro-choice MP, said:  “Any reduction inteh abortion time limit from 24 weeks breaks the crucial link with what the medical consensus says is viability. Once that happens it becomes extremely difficult to defend any particular time limit against attack from the  anti-abortion campaigners.”  This is an important point because it reveals the intention behind the Conservative-backed bill.  Even more worrying is that the bill was introduced to a conservative MP by a fundamentalist Christian, who herself was backed by Alliance Defense Fund which helped her to draft the new proposed bill.  I watched a documentary about this on Channel 4 Dispatches called IN GOD’S NAME…  

Here is the link to the full story:…  

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