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Obama Totally Dominating McCain In Fundraising

St. McCain will have to ask his Sugar Mama Cindy to bail him out if this continues.

In financial disclosure reports released Tuesday night, Obama reported raising $32 million for his primary in April and banked an aggregate of more than $9 million for the general election.

In contrast, McCain reported raising just $18.5 million for his primary account in April and having no money set aside for the general election.

$9,000,000 to 0? I’m sure this jaw-dropping disparity will raise all kinds of questions about St. McCain’s "electability."

The presumptive Republican nominee ended the month with about $22 million in primary funds in the bank, about less than half that of the Obama campaign. McCain’s overall primary fundraising topped at about $100 million, nearly three times less than Obama has collected.


McCain is counting on the Republican National Committee to close the gap with his Democratic rival.

But even if they hit their targets, the totals raised by McCain and the RNC could amount to about $250 million.

Combined, Clinton and Obama have raised nearly $500 million for their primary campaigns — nearly double the Republicans’ general election targets.

Why does America hate the GOP?

Blue Texan

Blue Texan