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NWO (New World Order)

The American people  do not realize what is really happening around them, as they are forced everyday to wake up to the status quo. They believe that the life around them will change if they vote for Obama,  McCain or Clinton, but the sad truth is all three of these politicians are in the same boat arguing about things they already agree about, just different opinions. America is falling apart as our dollar continues to crash because of a failed monetary policy, the wearying war over seas drags on at the cost of countless lives on both sides, the loss of our civil liberties to a rogue federal government that ignores the demands of the public, and scoffs at our constitution if it gets in the way of their global agenda. What is wrong America? why do you fail to see this? Don’t you see your fundamental rights are dissolving out of your  hands like sand, every minute of everyday? and you think that the elections are going to change a government who for centuries has been in kahootz with international bankers whom call themselves the elite who have been buying out OUR COUNTRY? OUR SOVEREIGNTY?  for what?…For a New World Order, that’s what. That’s right, “OH NO ,IT’S A CONSPIRACY THEORIST” WAKE UP AMERICA! WAKE THE HELL UP!,  You are living in a dreamworld if you don’t think that what happened in Germany won’t happen in America RIGHT NOW, as you read this,Everyday, and has been everyday for a very, very long time. WE ARE NOT FREE! WE HAVE NO POWER OVER OUR GOVERNMENT! And you honestly think voting  in Obama,or Clinton, is going to make things better? I beseech everyone on Pam’s blog to look up “The New World Order”, “NAU (North American Union)”. There are videos on you tube about all of this, documentaries by a man named Alex Jones, whom is talk show radio host.


Endgame 1.5

Terror storm

Loose Change

America: Freedom to Fascism

Yeah, you may all think I’m a kook or a conspiracy theorist, the real conspiracy theory is those that fail to see the truth around them everyday, and deny it, or make up silly, irrational excuses for the sake of their comfort. Have an open mind, and ask questions, we need to question these things and talk about them, evidence for a World Government is all over the internet, I would also recommend that people sign up for free on the voice chat paltalk  at  and go to the room “911 was an inside job for NWO agrenda.” My screen name on there is “FreedomisLogic”. There are a lot of great people in this room that can talk to you if you have questions about it. It’s time to wake up America, it’s time get out of your comfort and face the REAL TRUTH of this world and the people running it behind the curtains, stealing from you EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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