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A Call for Nominations

question-mark.jpgTom Cole (OK-04), head of the NRCC, has apparently become the scapegoat of the rightwing blogosphere:

Conservative bloggers want Republican House campaign chairman Tom Cole (Okla.) replaced.

Frustrated by three special-election losses and the dour atmosphere surrounding congressional GOP candidates this year, online conservatives believe a Republican purge is in order if the party wants to salvage its long-term prospects on the Hill. . .

The bloggers also write that Cole and other Republican leaders haven’t stressed enough the need to play to the party’s base . . .


What’s needed is obviously a closer embrace of the BushCo war in Iraq, more racist political ads, more sexist blather, more turning a blind eye to government-sanctioned torture, more prayers in school, more ineffective sex education abstinence programs, more rejection of scientific consensus in favor of political positioning, more gay bashing, and less congressional oversight. And that’s just for starters.

But who can they tap for such an important role?

The floor is open for nominations.

(photo h/t Leo Reynolds)

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