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Tell Chris Carney To Fight For Our Freedoms

This week Blue America begins an advertising campaign against Chris Carney (D-PA), one of five Democrats to vote for telecom immunity last month. Carney has accepted big contributions from the telecom industry, and has taken the lead in pushing to insure that the administration’s crimes are swept under the rug and that we are prevented from ever finding out the extent.


Unlike Carney, numerous House Democratic candidates this year — including those from red districts — have spoken out strongly against telecom amnesty and warrantless eavesdropping. Bill Foster, who just won a special election in Denny Hastert’s bright red district, emphatically opposed the FISA/amnesty bill, and won.

House Democratic candidate Lawyer Alan Grayson — a credible challenger to Far Right incumbent Ric Keller in Central Florida — said: "The fact that Congress even is considering retroactive immunity shows that the law is for sale, and the phone companies are buying."

newspaper.thumbnail.jpg As Glenn notes, Carney’s behavior arises out of a belief that the only pressure that will be brought to bear against members of Congress on this issue will come from the right. This campaign, paid for by your donations — which will involve TV, radio, newspaper and billboard advertising — will serve to correct that misapprehension, and reinforce the notion that simply knuckling under to George Bush and the GOP is not an option that is free of consequences.

We care very much about the fact that a Democratic majority does not mean Democrats for sale. It does not simply mean more and better parking spaces for members of Congress. If you’d like to contribute to this campaign to hold Democrats accountable and encourage them to fight for our freedoms, you can do it here.

Update: Howie and J-Ro have more.

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Jane Hamsher

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