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I made a scene

I couldn’t help myself.  

As I entered the quad at San Francisco State University today, I happened to notice a small fracas underway directly in front of the student union.  As I got closer, I could tell that there was man, maybe two or more, and they were standing beneath a red banner with black lettering on it.

The closer I got I noticed that the banner said something about sin and homosexuality and something about morals and the bible…you can guess the rest.  I even stopped looking closely to tell the truth because I knew the score.  Another bible bleater found his way onto campus to lecture the kiddies about hell and values.  He wasn’t the first snake oil salesman to appear on campus.  

I have read about these reformers making appearances before and I did witness one previously (the guy was standing on a platform and yelling out of an open book while scores of students ignored him).  This was the first time I saw a proselytizer this close to the union, let alone one that actually attracted a crowd.

It wasn’t a crowd of adoring fans, fortunately.  There were 20-30 hipster types heckling him and taking pictures of him and his sign with their cell phones.  Not in the mood to put up with this intrusion, I pushed my way through the crowd, put my overflowing canvas tote bag down in the clearing and got down on one knee.

I looked up at the man, who wouldn’t look down at me, and said, “Hey fucker, will you marry me?”

As he continued to look up – over my head and over the heads of the now laughing crowd of twenty somethings – he said, “I’m already married.”

Still on my knee, I said, “As a citizen of the state of California, I am getting married to a man and you can’t stop me.”  The crowd broke into applause.  I said, “Now, I have to go take two exams.”  I picked up my tote bag and after thanking a few guys for congratulating me, I headed off to my exams, no longer concerned about what grade I would get.  My work there is done, I figure.

In four days, this Saturday, I graduate from college.  Gavin Newsom is speaking at commencement.  When he opened up City Hall to me and my husband four years ago, I made the decision to stop working at a job I hated and instead get an education to help me understand more about what it means to be an American citizen.  It was a big gamble.  I borrowed money.  I had to find part time work while being a full time student and a middle aged homo.  I’ve been busy for four years.

I can’t say that I have thoroughly completed that education, but I am incredibly grateful for the experience I have had…and I am indebted to Mayor Newsom for giving me the inspiration, the courage, and the purpose to finish.  It’s quite fitting that I end my college career one week after the CA Supreme Court decision and with an address by the man who started the ball rolling.

At this point my husband and I are planning on getting married in August.  Again.    

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