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Welcome To An Edition Of “If A Democrat Did This It’d Be On The Evening News”

norm-bush-mccain.jpgHere are some things that Republicans can get away with that Democrats can’t:

— Having wives who wear corsets and garters while posing in front of a four-poster bed and who sell products called "Blo and Go".

— Claim that their great hero never did something that everyone knows he did.

— Attack a leading member of the other side for wanting to talk with other countries who aren’t necessarily friendly to us even as one of your own advisors recommends doing just that.

— Have five top campaign officials sever their official ties with your campaign without drawing any stories about how your campaign is in "disarray".

You can do all these things and rest assured that nobody will be talking badly about you or your campaign on the evening news. But only if you’re a Republican.

However, if you want to ensure that the corporate GOP/Media Complex will be hounding you with stories real and fake from here to eternity, you serve them notice that the corporate free ride they’ve had for years — particularly where non-enforcement of anti-trust law is concerned — will come to an end once you’ve been elected president.

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Phoenix Woman