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It would appear that Hillary Clinton supporter, Blake Fleetwood, has moved beyond shock, denial, bargaining, and guilt and is teetering awkwardly between anger and depression. Today’s HuffPo headline:

Powerful Video of Ugly Sexist Vilification of Hillary Clinton

Followed by:

Many HuffPo readers do not support Hillary Clinton, but every woman, and man, and Obama supporter, should be horrified by the video below.

If he means "horrified" in the sense that the video is horribly amateurish, slowly paced, with a spritely Dvorak’s String Quartet counterpointing Hillary Clinton’s droning speech in the background…then, yeah, "horrified" is fairly accurate term as is "disappointing" and "what? where? that’s it?".

Essentially what the video asks Barack Obama to do is set aside his campaign (which is going nowhere in case you hadn’t heard) and spend his time running around the country defending Hillary Clinton; renouncing, deploring, and castigating anyone who has ever said a discouraging word about her, slighted her, or has the temerity to even consider not voting for her because not voting for her can only be attributed to sexism.

And here I thought that was Terry McAuliffe’s job.

What brought on Fleetwood’s vapors was a piece in the NY Times pointing out that there may not be a woman president in the foreseeable future, to which any reasonable person person might ask: "so?". Regardless of the present occupant, I would like to think (and, yes, I’m a foolish dreamer) that the Presidency of the United States should be the product of a meritocracy and not the end result of a race to be the "first (fill in the blank) president". And if you need a (fill in the blank) president to feel good about yourself, your race, your gender, your religion, or your cult then you’re missing the point as well as spending far too much time in front of the mirror.

America doesn’t need a woman president any more than it needs a black president, a Mexican president, or a gay president. We don’t need to prove anything to anyone, we don’t need a trophy. We don’t need to point out how far we have come as much as we need to decide how far we want to go. What we need is good president or two. That would suffice.

Someday we’ll a have a female president and she will be afforded every opportunity to be as disappointing, frustrating, and appalling as all of the other presidents that preceded her. In the meantime I would direct Blake Fleetwood and all of the other delicate flowers here.

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