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John the Con: Backstabs Wind Power While Using Wind Facilities for Photo-Ops

McCain backstabs wind powerJohn Sidney McCain III is pushed by the adoring GOP/Media Complex as a non-elitist man of the people, despite his being the scion of a prominent family of Mississippi plantation owners and Navy brass, and his being married to a woman worth over $100 million. Likewise, John Sidney McCain III uses wind plants for photo-ops even though his staffers are working with Big Coal and other anti-wind interests backing astroturfed NIMBY groups that are outwardly just working on behalf of homeowners concerned about property values. Interestingly enough, this is happening as the price of coal — long touted as the cheapest of our energy options (that is, if you don’t look at the cleanup costs that are causing investment banks to back away from it) — is rising even faster than the price of oil.

It’s long been a truism that whenever George W. Bush has his picture taken with someone or thing — say, a group of school kids in a special program — that someone or something suffers a funding cut. Looks like McSame is following in his master’s footsteps. Good doggy! Roll over!

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