317742914_af90d6c7cc_m.thumbnail.jpgOver the last weeks Big Mutant Meals’ effort to seize control of humanity’s food supply supply failed in France and Montville, Maine. The Frankencorps’ two-decade-long propaganda campaign also chewed dirt — despite a servile corporate media, almost 30 years of Presidential sell-outs to Monsanto and the Frankenpriests, and the modern-day heirs of Dr. Goebbels at their service, their Big Mutant Lie has failed: 53% of Americans don’t want to eat toxic crapfood made from GMO’s. Even after eight years of the Bush Reich, Americans still have the wits and common sense to know that lab food is for Petri dishes, not people.

Just a bunch of pagan DFH technophobes, you say? Au contraire. Even Catholic theologians damned GMO’s: three widely respected theologians condemned Terminator technologies as "grossly immoral". All in all, a good week on the frontline against mutant meals.

And that’s good news: The frontline against mutant meals is one flank in the megacorps’ global war to seize the commons — the living world that provides our food and oxygen, and the aquifers, rivers and lakes that give us water.

Immoral? Megacorps are sociopaths, wearing Articles of Incorporation stamped Made in Delaware Chancery Court.  By the design and intent of the corporate counsel set, the only value the megacorps and all publicly-held corporations honor is the endless pursuit of ever-rising profits: at any price.

No surprise, then that the megacorps are trying to spin the same global famine created by the megacorps’ commodity profiteers and globalization shock troops into an excuse for GMOs to dominate the supply of even more of the planet’s food. Apparently, having the top 10 seed companies control 55% of the global seed market isn’t enough — the megacrops won’t stop until they’ve patented every foodstuff in the global commons. And no surprise, that. After a century of polluting the world into a toxic fetus cooker, the megacorps are running to patent the ancient DNA in plants we all may need simply to survive the global climate crisis the megacorps have brought upon us all.

Of course, the megacorps will share the DNA from hundreds of millions of years of evolution they so thoughtfully patented and purport to "own" — for a price, of course. Wow. Our saviors.

WTF are megacorps doing owning life? Well, the majority of the Supremes — America’s equivalent of the bewigged, closeted English judges known to Monty Python fans — is just as insular and scientifically ignorant as the benchwarmers the Pythons skewered. Up until 1980, U.S. patent law sensibly dictated that living things were not patentable. In arguably the most devasting example of C.P. Snow’s Two Cultures in recorded history, the Supremely Ignorant Five of the Nine reversed the Fourteenth Amendment, granting corporations the right to own life itself — so long as the megacorp had sufficiently twiddled with a single genetic sequence to render it "novel". By this measure, the first human baby to benefit from somatic genetic therapy is not a sovereign person, but a "thing" owned by the docs who corrected a genetic disease.

Of course, what else to expect from Supremes led by Nixon’s pick Burger and ably infiltrated by Lewis Powell? Yep, that Lewis Powell: the corporate lawyer Lewis Powell and former ABA president, well-paid and tireless advocate for immaculately attired corporate counsel from the mahogany-paneled sector — promoted from serving on 11 corporate boards to servicing them from the Supremes’ bench? Hey, at least he told people he was in the megacorps’ pocket — the right people, of course. The corporate types to whom he sent the Powell memo.

That single ruling by the infinitely fallible and wholly politicized Supremes is the sole basis for the plague of genetically modified organisms released into our farms, forests, and oceans.

I love a clearly delineated target, don’t you? Especially a target that 53% of Americans want off their (dinner) tables. The Supremes purported to "clarify" ambiguity in Congressional intent. One single federal law will hand the Supremes — and the Frankencorps — their sorry pampered asses.

Put that in your genome and splice it, Monsanto.

Have we won? Nope. But we’re seeing the end of the beginning. Just as we saw in the tobacco wars, profound concerns once relegated to fringe activists (what happens when you declare a protest and nobody comes? BioDev2001) are now mainstream — 53% of the U.S. mainstream. Despite relentless Frankencorp propaganda, media consolidation, the Quayle-Clinton-Bush collaboration with Monsanto, and seven years of the Bush-Cheney Reich, the majority of Americans still don’t want to eat toxic mutant crap.

Who could have imagined? (well, my friends in San Diego for BioDev, but that’s another story. Must.not.say.Wetoldyouso.)

GMOs outside the lab are the latest example of a whole series of technologies designed to serve the most regressive forces on our planet: the megacorps. They’ve started the long slide towards the precipice fossil fuels and chemical toxins have begun to dribble over — right above the scrapheap nukes that will light up for a few hundred thousand years. And, just like the technology of nuclear power; the technology of coal-fired power; and the baby-mutating, gonad-killing, gender-bending, learning disorder-inducing technology of persistent organic pollutants — GMO’s will be in us and our fields for a long, long time. So too will the Frankenpriests who see careers (or PR budgets, or both) in the mutant megacorps.

The Frankenservants who pop here for their first visit to the Lake — usually minutes after a post with "Franken" or "GMO" in the title hits Google Alerts — remind me of the Nukepriests I endured at UCSB in the early ’80s. Even after Three Mile Island nearly made a hunk of Pennsylvania uninhabitable for millennia, the Nukepriests had their fervent, repetitive talking points.

Nearly twenty years later, while (successfully) fighting Monsanto and their co-conspirators in mass poisoning out of the LA Unified School District, I went to a Beyond Pesticides conference in Santa Barbara and heard from one of the authors of Trust Us, We’re Experts: How Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles With Your Future. Reading Trust Us! I learned from Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber how effectively Dr. Goebbels’ co-conspirators in the US PR Industry have learned to misconstrue the culture of scientific inquiry into an eternal search for "certainty". As long as the technopriests can point to one irrelevant question, they protect whatever toxic product line they depend on to pay their rent.

Burston-Marsteller (run by Hillary’s muse, Mark Penn) and other tax-deductible scams the toxic megacorps use to cloud public perceptions — and hence delay public solutions — to lethal corporate product are renowned notorious for manipulating us with greenwash front groups, phony initiatives, and paid shills — in front of the camera and the keyboard.

This perception control — along with the legalized bribery known as campaign contributions — helped Big Tobaccco to kill millions long after they and their core opponents knew the deadly consequences of their product.

So tonight, and in any public venue where I or others confront the Frankencorps, I expect the Frankenpriests to slither out of the mutant labs and tell us that, this time, Toxic Sludge Is Good For Us.

Unlike the decades during which Monsanto knew PCBs are lethal posions, but told the public PCBs were safe; unlike the fact that aspartame is a mammalian neurotoxin, but we are told it’s safe for kiddie cereal; unlike the fact rBGH puts pus in our milk and causes abnormal cell growth — but we are told we needn’t know when we drink milk from rBGH cows …

Tonight we’re likely to be told to forget all that, forget that most of that toxic PR (along with the toxic products) came from Monsanto’s servants. We’ll be told that all the above is in the past.

And, to the extent dead parents and siblings and children are "past", that may be technically true: if we ignore our hearts and listen to the perception control industry and the Technopriests.

Toxic Sludge Is Good For You

Is the fight against GMOs in our crops and food over? Nope. GMOs in our fields are a "gift" that keeps on giving: genetic pollution has spread GMOs throughout North America — especially in corn and soy. The pollution is so severe that, along with many others, I’ve dropped processed foods with soy or corn out of my meals. Reports of toxicity with GMO corn and soy are so dire that I’ve decided I don’t want to be an unwilling lab rat in the Frankencorps’ experiment in control of the global food supply.

And I don’t want you or your families and loved ones to be unwilling subjects, either. That’s why the successes against GMOs in France and Maine are worth taking time to appreciate and celebrate tonight.

Not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning.

So I hope you all will excuse me if, just this once, I simply ignore the Frankenpriests who show up with the latest talking points from the Heartland Institute and the propaganda guides they publish. Any celebration will draw a few unwanted guests — but that doesn’t mean we have to bother with them.

Pups, Bon Appetit.

Food and Health and Hope.

Kirk Murphy

Kirk Murphy

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