Now, here’s some trivia about today’s date:

I just read somewhere, that today is “International Day Against Homophobia” because on 5/17/1990 homosexuality was removed from the International Classification of Diseases of the World Health Organization (WHO).

As you can read in the Wikipedia article linked to above, Massachusetts legalized same sex marriage on 5/17/2004.

Being born in Germany, 5/17 has another meaning to me as well (and here the linked Wikipedia article isn’t quite correct I think):  being a child of ‘5/17’, was how gays sometimes referred to each other without using the word ‘homosexual’ – since practicing gay sex was illegal until 1969.  This was co-incidentally defined in Section 175 of the German Criminal Code – and Germans write 5/17 as 17.5.

And now the marriage ruling in CA hits around this date?  I bet the right is scared to death and will meet for big ‘pray ins’ in the middle of May every year from now on …

Any other gay milestones on 5/17 that I missed?




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