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Rational Response From The Right

Glenn Sacks puts the Right’s hyperbole into perspective in this essay:

Sometimes you find out a marriage is over when you come home and your house is empty except for a note from your soon-to-be former wife. Sometimes it happens after a fight. Sometimes it happens when you find out about an affair.

I found out my marriage will soon be over in a different way–the Campaign for Children and Families and the Alliance for Marriage Foundation told me.

According to the Campaign for Children and Families, today’s California Supreme Court pro-gay marriage ruling in the case Lockyer v. City and County of San Francisco “has destroyed the civil institution of marriage.” The Alliance for Marriage Foundation says the decision has “struck down marriage.” All because the ruling would allow the 2% of the population who are gay to marry. Read the full story of the catastrophe here.

Ignorant me, I thought that marriage was under greater threat from the fact that hundreds of thousands of innocent fathers have been booted out of their homes with little judicial oversight via restraining orders based on false domestic violence allegations. Or that courts allow children of divorce to be dragged half way across the country so mothers can exclude their fathers from their lives. Or that the abusive child support system often traps low income men in a hopeless spiral of debt. Or that family courts are allowing military parents to be permanently removed from their children’s lives while they’re overseas. I was wrong–it’s gays being allowed to marry that is the real threat.

On KABC Matt Barber of Concerned Women for America said that the California Supreme Court had “Imposed gay marriage on the citizens of California.” How exactly is anybody “imposing” gay marriage on me?

The announcement is the second terrible blow to my marriage in the past 18 months. In October 2006, the Campaign for Children and Families informed me that in signing a bill to allow California gay couples to file taxes as if they were married, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had “put the last nail in the coffin for marriage between a man and a woman in California” and “Terminated [the] Last Piece of Marriage.”

The worst part of this is that these tax changes may also lure my teenage son into the gay lifestyle. If the Campaign for Children and Families is correct about the dire threat gays pose to heterosexuals and heterosexuality, perhaps the only thing that’s kept my son from doing it so far was the tax disadvantage he knew he’d face one day…

The entire essay can be found here:…

Enjoy!  I did!

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