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Ontario Canada Financing of Surgical Transitioning for Transexuals

In a biased article I found through the Freepers, I learned that Ontario is once again financing surgical transitioning for transexuals.  Wonderful!  Here a portion of the biased article and its source code:

Ontario Forces Taxpayers to Pay for “Sex-Change” Operations

By Michael Baggot

TORONTO, Ontario, May 16, 2008 ( – Ontario’s health insurance plan will pay for “sex-change” operations for the first time in a decade, Health Minister George Smitherman confirmed yesterday

“(It would) probably affect between eight and 10 people in Ontario, who after having very, very sustained psychological evaluations would be deemed by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health as appropriate candidates to receive a surgical intervention,” Smitherman speculated.

Ontario began covering the bill for “sex-change” operations in 1971, but ceased doing so in 1998 under the Progressive Conservative government.

In 2006, the Ontario Human Rights Commission required compensation for three patients midway through preparation for sex-change surgery during the 1998 insurance plan change.

The Centre Metropolitain de Chirurgie Plastique, a private hospital in Montreal, has already been offering “sex-change” procedures to patients for $17 thousand.

The Health Minister added yesterday that he would give more details about funding for “sex-change” operations in a few weeks when discussing funding plans for the province’s health-care services.

Smitherman, appointed Health Minister in 2003 by Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, is an openly active homosexual, infamous for advancing sexually permissive social policies.

While many psychiatrists have promoted “sex-change” operations based upon the notion that “gender” is a cultural construct distinct from one’s genetically determined sex, other prominent psychiatrists have rejected the prudence of so-called “sex-change” operations.

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