Blaming the enablers

Peggy Noonan writes that the Republican Party, which gave George W. Bush everything that he ever wanted, is in shambles, a "ruined brand" and mini-Godlstein pipes up in his squeaky little voice:

I’m terribly sorry to break this to Peggy, but about the only part of the Republican Party that has operated with any effect during the past 6 years is the Presidency. What remains of the Republican Congress that was thrown over in 2006 may find it convenient to blame the President–just as Peggy has–but has nobody to blame but itself, for being a pork-ridden, craven, lard-assed bunch of ninnyhammers.

Undoubtedly, history will show that the Bush Administration commited many errors. At the same time, I think it will go down in history as, if not a Golden Era, then a Silver one of shining honesty with respect to how it presented its policies, despite the continuous abuse of partisan hacks and morons. You don’t think so? Well, I hope to live long enough to see the Bush Papers compared with those of his predecessors. These people should be afraid of the vicious backbiting beast that they have unleashed, but they haven’t the sense.

So, pardon my language, but f*ck you, Peggy, and f*ck the Republican Party. For some of us, it never was about the standard, but about what it was supposed to represent. You want us to mourn a party whose leaders have given naught but lip-service to its express principles for all these years? Even Superhero Zombie Reagan couldn’t help you now.

God. I love the smell of cannibalism in the morning…

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