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Sally Kern condemns campaign for workplace fairness

Saying that GLBT activists have revealed that they indeed do have an “agenda,” Sally Kern has returned to her own: promoting anti-gay bigotry in the guise of Judeo-Christian values.

In a statement reminiscent of the secretly recorded speech that got her global attention earlier this year, Kern warned Oklahomans about the dire consequences of the “Clock In for Equality” Day organized by Lambda Legal. The national group asks workers to pledge to support a fair environment for gays and lesbians. The event takes place May 15.

She urged Oklahomans who support traditional families to become more active in social policy fights “or we will cede the victory to groups seeking special rights based on changeable homosexual behavior.”

“Those of us who believe in preserving traditional marriage and upholding Judeo-Christian values cannot afford to simply stand on the sideline,” Kern said in a prepared statement. “The groups committed to undermining those ideals remain active and if we do nothing, they win by default.”

Kern insists that she is against discrimination, but that this  campaign (and of course any other that seeks to end or prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation) involves giving “special rights” to gays and lesbians.

Kern’s “confusion” about political action agendas, and who’s allowed to have them is noted by Timothy Kincaid at Box Turtle Bulletin.

So Sally isn’t for discrimination, she just doesn’t want anyone to organize against it. And she wants people to “become more active in social policy fights” to fight against an agenda with which she finds a common goal.

In Oklahoma, Kern’s antics are getting tiresome. She is facing multiple Democratic challengers for her seat in the state House. The first to announce, Ron Marlett, is having a fundraiser on May 20.

Due to the publicity Kern garnered by her outrageous statements from last winter, her religious-themed legislation has generated far more public protest than in the past. A bill to allow religious expression in public schools passed 70 – 28, and efforts are underway to ask the Democratic governor to veto it.

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