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The exquisite and tanned mrs tbogg returned from Hawaii over the weekend with the lovely and talented Casey in tow. She also brought back my laptop which is now infested with more viruses and spyware than you can shake a stick at (if that’s your thing) courtesy of her hotel in-room network. So while on the one hand I’m trying to read teh stoopid on teh internets, I’m also trying to defeat the little PC bastards with the other hand. Although I do my blogging on a Mac, I’m kind of obsessed with winning the battle of the laptop  even though it is rarely used.

I get that way.

And while I’m on the subject of computers and such as I’m open to suggestions for a back-up external hard drive for the mac, 500GB or larger. Leave your suggestions and smug "Why didn’t you have updated virus protection, Mr Smartypants Knows Everything Man?" I-toldja-so’s in the comments.

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