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Obey Wan Kenobi In the House

— Jay Leno asked Howard Dean if the new "Democratic White House Victory Fund" could be used to pay off Hillary Clinton’s campaign debt. Dean responds that they "can’t do that," contra what campaign finance sources indicated this morning. Dean didn’t elaborate on why that was.

— Progressive Media, the 527 formerly headed by Tom Mattzzie and David Brock, seems to be DOA. The Obama campaign put out the word that he was worried about independent groups being off-message, and that his donors shouldn’t fund them. Some have speculated that this is because the Obama campaign doesn’t want any negative messaging, even at arm’s length, no matter how bloody things get on the GOP side (and the NC Wright ads were a good indication of where that’s going). Sources close to the group, however, say that the recent re-organization under Paul Begala failed to include Obama people who would have made the campaign comfortable. I can’t imagine a world where Obama gets eaten alive by GOP 527s and loses the race on the high road, and imagine if they eventually deem that funding such an organization is necessary it will be done under the auspices of Obama loyalists. Meanwhile, downticket races that might have benefited from such efforts? SOL.

— Joe Lieberman goes all swooning and breathless as he gushes over Bush’s Iran threats. Meanwhile, Joe Klein says he may have made a mistake supporting Lieberman over Lamont in ’06: "I gave Lieberman the benefit of the doubt against Ned Lamont in 2006, even though I disagreed with him about the war. I shouldn’t have." He goes on to credit his colleague, Michael Scherer, with making the first Zell Miller/Lieberman analogy. Sorry Joe, I think that honor goes to The General and his commenters — in 2006.

— The Senate vote to throw out the FCC’s recent media ownership rule change could come as early as tonight. If you’re so inclined, you can find information to call your Senator and tell them to support the Resolution of Disapproval here.

Why is Hillary still in the race? According to Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor (and Obama supporter):

She wants the best possible deal she can strike with Obama. She wants Obama to agree to pay her campaign debts, to seat the Michigan and Florida delegations (so she can claim a moral victory), and – the quietest deal of all – a personal commitment from him to appoint her to the Supreme Court when the next vacancy occurs. (h/t Jim M.)

–Taking money from California schools to pay for more prisons? Color of Change says just say no.

— John McCain refuses to say Obama isn’t a Hitler appeaser. Aravosis: "Now in all fairness, John McCain may still think that we’re at war with Hitler."

— And the Marcia Blackburn Award for choking on your Republican talking points goes to… Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas). Brutal smackdown once again delivered by…Dave Obey.

Watch the video. May the force be with you.

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