In 2007 a woman, Khadijah Farmer, went into the ladies room at the Caliente Cab Company restaurant in the Village after the city’s Pride celebration and was declared insufficiently feminine to be in there, even after she showed ID to the bouncer. A male bouncer burst in and banged on the stall door, asserting that there was a customer complaint of a man in the women’s restroom and she was told to leave the restaurant.

The Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund filed a lawsuit in on her behalf. The case has now been settled. (Village Voice):

As part of the settlement to Farmer v. Caliente Cab Restaurant Company, Inc., the lawsuit she and the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund filed in State Supreme Court in October, Caliente has agreed to add gender, including gender identity and expression, to its corporate non-discrimination policy; amend its employee handbook to state “persons patronizing or employed at Caliente have the right to use the bathroom facilities consistent with their gender identity and expression”; adopt a gender-neutral dress code for its employees; institute personnel training programs regarding its new policies; and pay $35,000 in damages to plaintiff Farmer.

…Caliente Cab Company denies the facts of the complaint.

Farmer, a Hell’s Kitchen resident, was born a woman and has identified as female throughout her life, although she has a masculine appearance.”I’m very happy that the restaurant has taken appropriate steps to ensure that all patrons, regardless of how masculine or feminine they appear, are treated with dignity and respect.”

I’m not even going to bother pulling the vile Freeper Quotes.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding