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Cindy “Lou Hoo” McScrooge – The Ultimate “Insider Trader”

Cindy McCain is heiress to a Phoenix-based beer distributing company whose fortune is in the $100 million range.

Sen. McCain is regularly ranked among the richest lawmakers in Congress, but under the terms of a prenuptial agreement, much of the family’s assets are in Cindy McCain’s name.

In tax returns he released last month, the Arizona senator reported a total income of $405,409 in 2007.

But Cindy McCain files separate tax returns which she has not made public. Last week, she said she would never not make her returns public even if her husband becomes president.

(source AP)

Now, imagine if you will, just how big a stinking mass o moola you can make if you sleep with POTUS and know – in advance – what policies he will follow, which companies will benefit, which countries he will invade, which Defense Contracts he will back, what the Fed Chairman told him over breakfast and on and on and on…..

Then trade, short sell, arbitrage and position your $100 million to best benefit from knowing all this stuff before anyone else in  the world.

Then have the audacity to refuse to release your tax returns.


Makes Cruella Deville look like Mary Poppins.

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