Alton Logan was arrested for a murder of a security guard.

Fortunately, Logan had an alibi: his mother, brother Tony and several others testified they were at home together at the time of the murder.

Unfortunately, a witness picked Logan’s picture out of a mug book.

Fortunately, Andrew Wilson confessed to the murder.

Unfortunately, he Wilson to his public defenders, who were bound by attorney-client privilege to not disclose that Logan was innocent.

Fortunately, Logan did not get the death penalty.

Unfortunately, Logan was sentenced to life in prison.

Fortunately, the attorneys came forward when Wilson died, 26 years after Logan went to prison, and others came forward to corroborate the story that the other man killed the security guard.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t automatically mean he was cleared.

Fortunately, a judge voided the conviction.

Unfortunately, the prosecutors haven’t decided whether to charge Logan again.

Fortunately, the judge let him out on a low bail.

Unfortunately, the prosecutors need more time to determine whether to try Logan again and possibly send him back to jail.