Well, it’s an election year and we are a political TV show, so it’s time to wheel out the gasbags for an election round table, right? But wait! WE get to choose who is on TV now.

In GritTV’s first election roundtable, listen to author and essayist Walter Mosley, renowned for both his fiction featuring Easy Rawlings and most recently The Tempest Tales, now creator of the Democratic Initiative; Hendrik Hertzberg, Senior Editor and veteran Staff Writer for the New Yorker and author of Politics: Observations & Arguments and Chris Rabb, Founder and Chief Evangelist on Afro-Netizen, and a Democratic Committee representative.

The roundtable guests reflect on Barack Obama’s ascendancy as the likely Democratic Presidential nominee, despite Hillary Clinton’s blowout in West Virginia. The question today: Is Obamarama magic or magic trick? Will an Obama presidency mark a real change for Beltway politics, for racial justice and for moving a progressive agenda? Or are we going to be scratching our heads in a few years?

GRITtv Roundtable Part 1:

GRITtv Roundtable Part 2:

But that’s not all. We have a whole show. (Click here for tonight’s full program). Arianna Huffington (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/), Don Hazen (http://www.alternet.org/) and Laura discuss the overall lameness of the MSM and the rise of new media, Billionaires for Bush remind us who’s in charge and much, much more. Don’t touch that dial, there’s Grit on it.

Mechanical Bull

Mechanical Bull