The best newspaper in the world, in my opinion, posted this story about an MTV executive who has written a memoir on his life as a gay man in the rap industry. I’ve long known that at least one enormously important figure in hip-hop was supposed to be queer but I have despaired as father-free mother obsessives like Eminem have used us as scratching posts for their own insecurities. Now, someone is blowing the lid. Story follows.

American rap music is an industry ruled by machismo. It is a place where reputations are made by shady pasts, the aura of violence and ultra-masculinity. But now an explosive new book is lifting the lid on one of hip hop’s most unexpected secrets: that many people in the business are gay.

Terrance Dean, a former executive at music channel MTV, has penned a memoir of his life and times in the hip hop industry as a gay man. It is an explosive exposé of a thriving gay subculture in an aggressively male business, where anti-gay lyrics and public homophobia are common.

Perhaps not surprisingly, many in the industry are nervous about the book’s publication this week, fearing that it will expose some of the top black names in music and Hollywood as secretly gay. But Dean said that his memoir was not intended as a way of outing famous people. ‘I was never tempted to name any names. The book is not about outing people. I wrote it so that people realise the industry has a gay subculture and we are part of this music,’ he said.…




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