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Free Debate or Freedom from Craziness

A decade or so ago a neo-Nazi group decided to hold a parade through a community heavily populated by survivors of Nazi concentration camps.  There was a huge uproar.  Progressives, veterans, and most sensible Americans came down on the side of “No Nazi March!”  The ACLU and some progressives came down on the side of Freedom to Assemble and Free Speech – give ’em a parade permit.  In the end a compromise was reached … they marched in Chicago, I believe, and everyone ignored them.

If you look on the Internet today, you can find lots of “White Power” racism and Anti-Semitic horror writing and preaching.  Christianity backs up the hatred on these websites.  Yet no mainstream church admits these jerks in their sanctuaries, prayers, dogma, General Sessions, writings, or websites.  No city’s newspaper grants them stories or will accept their ads.  They are “shut up” in the USA.You can even find pro-slavery advocates on the Net, I bet.  But they too would not be allowed lectern space on any university campus in the USA.

The American Psychiatric Association and all scientific associations and reputable medical groups in the Western world agree … homosexuality is not a sickness, an illness, nor an abnormality.  Homosexuality is completely normal.

Some religious leaders label homosexual acts as sinful to their god.  Some religious leaders label homosexual orientation as intrinsically evil.  So be it.  Many religions agree that homosexuality is completely normal and a real blessing.  

Science and religion don’t always agree.  Surprise, surprise.

The conservative Christian author of a book disputing science “The Born Gay Hoax” sought an invitation from the Republican Club at Smith College.  During his speech to the women students, lesbian entered the hall, beat pans, and chanted.  The speaker could not continue.  He left the hall.  The lesbians effctively silenced him.

Ms. Dixon wrote a column for a weekly paper in Toledo.  In the column she gave information she knew only because of her job as a human resources manager.  She revealed a deep animus against homosexuals based on her Christian beliefs.  She is an EEO enforcer for the University.  The University’s values specifically include non-discrimination based on sexual orientation.  She was subsequently fired.

Ultra-conservatives at the Free Republic website are claiming “homofacism.”  They say the glbt progressives will not allow free discussion of homosexuality, especially by Christians.  They compare glbt techniques of silencing Christians to Hitler in the 1930’s.  I think the Freepers go overboard.  But there is no doubt that the Smith students and the Toledo University President are stifling Christian oppositional speech against homosexuality.

Just like we would stifle speech advocating slavery, anti-Semitism, or racism.  When Andy Humm, the host of Gay USA on Free Spech TV, found himself on a TV Talk Show opposite a reparative therapy counselor, he refused to speak with the counselor.  Instead he spent the entire time speaking with the host of the show.  He wanted to know how the host dared invite such an irresponsible person as the reparative therapist to the TV show.  Andy went on and on about how the therapist and others like him hurt so very many people … but he never engaged the therapist … he ignored him completely.

I think Andy’s tactic was brilliant.  I have to admit, I think those bloggers who criticized the Smith women were wrong.  The Smith lesbian were right on the money.  We do NOT need to invite crazy people to our campuses, churches, or civic centers.  The whole western world already knows that homosexuality is completely normal.  The jury is back, the verdict is in, the case is over.  Case closed.  Debate over.  

The wingnuts can argue among themselves.  They can hold the debate right along side an explanation of the world being only 6,000 years old and the earth being flat.  Have at it.

But not at respectable universities, in respectable newspapers, or in the town square.  The case is over and the wingnuts lost.  If the wingnuts try to speak there, I will be there hitting pans and chanting with the lesbians!!  It seems to be the only thing the wingnuts understand.

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