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I have been on the main page with my tale and in the diaries.  My husband died and the coroner in Butte County in Northern California did not recognize Domestic Partners as next-of-kin even though the law was passed 4.5 years earlier.  The next day, a Monday, I raised hell and the chief deputy coroner changed his mind.

The Sheriff’s Department has no trained all the Deputies in Domestic Partner Law.  I still want a public apology and the man responsible for ignoring the law to be disciplined.  I think the glbt community here and I deserve that much repsect.

You all have given me a number of great ideas of how to proceed.  At this time, the Sheriff and Supervisors continue to ignore me … nothing but silence.

If anyone has any additional ideas, I sure would appreciate it.  I am going to take another look at what you said before and go from there.

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