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Hillary – 2 points is a loss, not a win…

I fashion myself to be about he most rabid political junkie on this or any other planet.

I grew up having weekly dinners with Sen Ed Brook at my house as my stepfather was his camaign finance chair.  (and I’m very disappointed in Barbara Walters – there was no need to announce this affair before his death…Ed Brook is an old school true gentleman and a very very nice guy who didn’t deserve this nonsense…let him die with his dignity intact)

My parents were invited guests to Nixons first inaugural.

I have a pin given to me by George Bush I inscribed with 3 g/b for the 100 or so of us who were working in his campaign when he was below 3% in the polls.  

I have picked our current president up from the gutter when he passed out drunk in the 1970’s and have been to dinner at the Bushes (George and Bar) on several ocaisions.

I went to school with Caroline and John John, at Middlesex and Concord Academy)

The Chapaquiddic tragedy happened the day before my sister’s wedding, and the reception was interrupted by the arrival of about a dozen siren blaring State Police cars sent to whisk away high level politicos to help in the cover-up.

My Step Father was one of the most powerful ‘behind the scenes’ players in Republican politics in the 60’s and 70’s.

I worked with Andrew Card in Massachusetts – he had Eastern Mass, I had Western Mass.

Two of my cousins have been Governor of Massachusetts – William Weld and Saltonstall. (actually I will be seeing Weld next week at a family funeral)

In short, I was born and raised in the middle of the “right wing power elite” and spent all my formative years being taught how to analyze politics.

With all of that, as I have worked for the last many years providing insurance to the lowest economic spectrum of this country, I have renounced all ties with the Repubs and registered Democrat about 7 years ago.

The reason for all that background is to try to give some credance to the analysis I am about to put forth—


Obama won the nomination last night.  A 2 point win after leading by 15 a month ago counts as a loss for Hillary.

The back room today is nothing but a long waiting list of phone calls from Congressional Supers telling Hillary to get out, or quietly say just what her political demands are…

Relax everyone…Obama gets the Nomination.

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