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Obama Attacked In Indiana With Illegal Robocalls

The wingnuts and fundies are getting warmed up for the general. (h/t Open Left)

Some Hoosier voters also received an automated phone call — illegal in Indiana — Monday from an organization identified as the National Right to Life political action committee. The call urges the listener not to vote for Obama and claims he will legalize "partial-birth abortion" and allow "abortion on demand."

The group’s PAC did not return calls seeking comment. On its Web site, however, National Right to Life PAC does not make a distinction between the abortion views of Clinton and Obama, calling them both "pro-abortion" candidates.

Automated phone calls are illegal in Indiana unless the message is preceded by a live operator or recipients previously agreed to receive them.

Former Rep. Tim Roemer, who supports Obama, said the calls are "part of the politics of destruction that we have to end" and are being made by the GOP-friendly group because it thinks Clinton would be the easier Democrat to beat in November.

"They have virtually identical records," Roemer said of Obama’s and Clinton’s positions on abortion. "I don’t think Hoosiers are going to fall for this."

Some probably will.

But what I find so baffling about these anti-choice fundies is that their slavish loyalty to the GOP has netted them absolutely nothing over the past 30 years. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. And yet they continue to kiss the rings of whatever Republican screams "I’m pro-life" and doesn’t do anything about it.

Republicans have won 5 of the past 7 presidentials, controlled the House from 1994-2006, and controlled the entire federal government for most of the Bush years and yet, have failed to ban abortion, failed to ban gay marriage, and failed to ban gay abortions. And really, they didn’t even try.

At what point do these fundies wake up and realize they’re being used?

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