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Harry Reid and Joe Lieberman: US Senate as Frat Party

belushi_toga.thumbnail.jpgMaybe it’s just that I don’t want to understand. I want to like Harry Reid, I want to think he’s a public servant first and foremost, but when he runs around saying "Joe Lieberman is with us on everything but the war," I have to ask — who’s this "we," kimosabe?

Glenn Greenwald has the rundown:

Bill to ban the CIA from using waterboarding:
Democrats — 45-1
Republicans – 5-46
Lieberman- NAY

Cloture vote on bill to restore habeas corpus (which Lieberman voted to abolish in 2006):
Democrats – 50-0
Republicans – 5-42
Lieberman – NAY

Vote to strip retroactive amnesty for telecoms out of the FISA bill (h/t Matt Browner-Hamlin):
Democrats — 31-16
Republicans – 0-48
Lieberman – NAY

Vote to specify that FISA is the "exclusive means" by which the President can spy on telephone and email communications:
Democrats — 49-1
Republicans – 9-40
Lieberman – NAY

Confirmation of Michael Mukasey as Attorney General:
Democrats — 6-40
Republicans – 47-0
Lieberman – YEA

Cloture vote to proceed to consideration of No-Confidence Resolution for Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General:
Democrats — 47-0
Republicans – 6-37
Lieberman – NAY

And let’s not forget one of the biggest Lieberman betrayals of all: as part of the Gang of 14, he put Alito on the bench. I understand that there were bubble-headed thinkers like NARAL who just didn’t understand that Joe’s "yea" vote on cloture was the only one that mattered, a thus sent emails to their members telling them to "thank" him for his "nay" vote on the floor. Harry Reid is Mr. Senate Procedure however, he’s rather well versed on the subject and doesn’t have that excuse, so I can only conclude that he has noticed Joe running around stumping for John McCain and simply doesn’t care. How exactly that is "with us" escapes me.

Didn’t Bluto wind up in the Senate?

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Jane Hamsher

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