I can see only one way out for Democrats.  There is a very small window of opportunity and hope.  It is growing smaller each day.  I hope some sanity will emerge soon.  I hope.

The problem is obvious.  Sen. Obama has energized many Black Americans and young Democrats.  He has brought people into the process for the first time.  He has won more delegates than Sen. Clinton.  The South’s Democrats clearly favor him.  The Democratic Blacks clearly favor him.  Many smaller states are in his pocket.  However, the South will likely vote for Sen McCain in November.  Many of the states that favor Sen Obama in the primary will likely support Sen McCain in November.  But polls show his popularity growing among most all groups of Democrats and Americans.

Sen. Hillary Clinton is a force to be reckoned with.  She has won in all the larger states.  California, New York, Pennsylvannia, Texas … all the larger states the Democrats HAVE to take in November went for Sen Clinton during the primaries.  Her delegate count, both elected and super delegates is close to Sen Obama’s.  Her negatives are known and have polled flat through the primaries.  The Republicans want to run against her.  She is secure in the women’s vote, a vital demographic for any election.  That plus the the bigger states increases her electability in November.

Given eight years of Bush and McCain’s Bushness, ANY Democrat may win in November.

It would be a crying shame to lose EITHER Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.  BOTH are outstanding candidates and BOTH are remarkable individuals.  To have a woman and a black American running in the same historic primary is almost unfair to us progressives.  But here we are.

I see only one way out.

Hillary and Barack, not their spouses-camapign managers-fund raisers-campaign doners-supporters-anyone else, just Hillary and Barack ought to come to agreement.  They should make a deal.

The deal should be for one of them to be President and one to be Vice President for ONE TERM and ONE TERM ONLY.  The other would then be free to run for President for a two term run.  The one acting as VP for the single term would be VP like Cheney … an active, policy making VP.

I believe that Hillary Clinton should be the SINGLE TERM President.  I think such is what America would want.  I think America would gleefully look forward to Barack Obama in 2012.

But this single window of hope is the ONLY way I see out of the destruction I see being waged on the Democratic Party.  If we continue down this road we are on,  we are cuttng our volunteers in half for the November election, cutting our finances in half or worse … we are heading for a McCain Presidency.  It is disaster.

I do hope there is sanity somewhere in either or both campaigns.



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