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Michael Yon: More Americans Getting Killed In Iraq Means We’re Winning

68811124_784a37b587_m.jpgLast time we heard from Michael Yon, he was saying that We’ve Always Been Winning in Eurasia Iraq. He’s back today with even more ridiculous assclownery. (updated below)

April saw 49 U.S. casualties in Iraq, the highest total in seven months.

Zzzzzzt! Sorry Michael, that number is actually 54. But do continue.

Does this mean, as some insist, that the enormous progress we have made since the start of the military surge is being lost? …here’s my short answer: no.

What a surprise! So what can we expect over the next few Friedmans, Michael?

For the next few months, expect more blood, casualties and grim images of war. This may lead to a shift in the political debate inside the United States and more calls for rapid withdrawal. But on the ground in Iraq, it’s a sign of progress.

There is literally no way to parody these morons anymore.


The breathless, reverential way wingnuts like K-Lo talk about Yon’s BS kinda tells you everything you need to know about the current state of the conservative movement.

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