Oregon, a vote by mail state, ballots started arriving in the mail on May 2nd. All ballots need to be returned by May 20th when the votes will be tallied.

In anticipation of the ballots arriving by mail, every Oregon voter receives the Oregon voters Pamphlet where every candidate in the election has the opportunity to submit their case to the voters.

However in the case of the republican John McCain, there is no voter pamphlet submission. Which is notably the first time in modern history a major candidate running for President of the United States has rejected the Oregon Voters pamphlet.

Here's the press release issued by the Democratic Party of Oregon:


Democratic Party of Oregon

232 NE 9th Ave.

Portland , OR 97232

(503) 224-8200


For Immediate Release

Contact: Marc Siegel

Friday, May 2, 2008

DPO Partners With John McCain

DPO supplies McCain’s missing Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet Statement

Portland – With Oregon voters starting to fill out their ballots this weekend, the DPO understands how important it is that Oregonians hear from the Republican presidential nominee.

Since U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) didn’t take the time to submit a statement to the Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet – the first time in modern Oregon politics that a major presidential campaign has rejected the Oregon Voters' Pamphlet – the DPO will supply McCain’s statement for him.


As an additional public service, the DPO will email the McCain statement to thousands of Oregonians across the state. The DPO will encourage Democrats to forward the email on to their friends and family and to print it out and distribute copies throughout Oregon .


Paid for by the Democratic Party of Oregon .

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

232 NE 9th Ave. Portland , OR 97232



 more below the fold:

I  am very happy to see John McCain, either through arrogance, incompetence, or complete disrespect to Oregon voters, reject the Oregon Voters Pamphlet.

While it's true McCain is the presumptive nominee  of the Repulican Party for President, why would a Presidential candidate choose to snub voters by not even being included in the voters pamphlet?

So which is it? IMHO It's all of the above and a sad prophetic glimpse of the continuing arrogance and incompetence of the republican administartion. 

Or could it really be another sign of just how bad things are for republicans?

In any scenario, in any state, all across the country, there is a bright and clear line for LGBT voters to exercise their voting power by electing an overwhelming majority of Democrats that can't be vetoed, fillabustered, tabled, languish in committees, distracted or otherwise impeded from undoing the harm of the last 8 long years that republicans have delivered.

We have an opportunity as a community to stand tall, to speak loudly and clearly in support of candidates who have the will, the competence, and the support to do the right thing on so many levels. From health care, the economy, the war, to the important issues of true equality for all people.