I was interested listening to this You Tube presentation by Rev. Wright.  He clearly states that the recent uproar about him “is not an attack on Jeremiah Wright but is an attack on the black religious tradition.”  He hopes the USA is ready for a real discussion about race, a discussion that will understand why 11:00 AM on Sunday is the most segregated hour of the week.

The three parts of Rev. Wright’s talk take about 26 minutes to listen to.  Here is the first part.

In the third part, he presents reconciliation as the third leg of the liberation – transformation – reconciliation foundation of the prophetic theology of the black church.  His explanation of “different does not equal difficient” was brilliant.

I have to say that Rev. Wright’s discussion of racism and the Black American experience was a real eye opener for me.  Three decades ago I joined an African American Roman Catholic Parish in Greenville South Carolina for a couple of years.  I was young and naive but I enjoyed the experience.  I wish now I understood more about Black American history.I was especially fascinated at Rev. Wright’s ideas about one’s concepts of God and its influence on one’s concepts of society.  For example, if one sees God as a white man who is fierce, judgemental and capable of sending folks to hell, then one is likely to see white guys as superior to everyone else in society … and to be slightly afraid of white guys.  And if you are a white guy, you think you are superior to everyone else and are capable of sitting in judgement over everyone else.  That is, if your idea of God is a white man with a long white beard sitting in heaven.

Interesting idea.  Best 26 minutes I have spent in a very long time.  Listen if you have a few minutes.  This man is NOT a sound bite.  Obama was wrong to throw him under the bus this past week.  Rev. Wright may be the brightest man I have heard speak in a few years.