“How would you like to be a worthless white n*%gger?” — Above video shows Mickie Kantor, subsequently Clinton’s Secretary of Commerce, color-arousing the 1992 presidential campaign.

The above YouTube 1992 video, which shows a more youthful Mark Penn and Mickie Kantor using a color-aroused epithet toward working-class white people, proves that the Clintons have been using color-arousing strategies to win elections for a very long time.  Although the Clintons now insist that Barack Obama and supporters like me first brought the “issue” of skin color into the race, the above video shows that the Clinton camp has been willing to use color-based epithets about white voters a full decade and a half ago.

Bill Clinton and other Clinton surrogates and supporters are insisting, incredibly, that Barack Obama is the one color-arousing the presidential race, even though it was the head of Clinton’s New Hampshire campaign who suggested, based on no evidence whatever, that Barack Obama might have been a drug dealer.  One syndicated columnist observed at the time,

But could it be that this story is even worse than many in the national press will say? Isn’t it interesting that Shaheen, or whoever is behind this, opted to invoke the image of a drug dealer in referencing the first top-tier black candidate for president? That’s quite a coincidence. This wouldn’t be an ugly Willie Horton-type tactic intended to harvest fear and play on stereotypes about who is a criminal and who isn’t, or — in this case — who uses drugs and who sells them?

Nah. Liberal Democrats would never sink that low. Why if they did, how could they continue to package themselves as a kinder and gentler — and more enlightened — alternative to Republicans? Certainly not with a straight face.  Drug rumors about Obama playing on stereotypes?

So, what’s the excuse now for this video that has Mark Penn and Mickie Cantor laughing about calling working-class white voters white niggers?  “How’d you like to be a white n*%gger?” they ask in the video.  Who are the “elitists” now, pandering in public to a group that they ridicule based on social class and skin color in private?If Hillary Clinton had won even half of the Black vote, she would be ahead in the presidential race, and she’d probably be the nominee right now.  However, even before the first Black voters voted, when only Iowa and New Hampshire were voting, Hillary Clinton made stupid comments about the significance of Martin Luther King, Jr. and then her New Hampshire campaign manager suggested that America would believe Barack Obama had once been a drug dealer.  (As is turned out, the Clintons were utterly unable to convince America that that was true.)

As Rubin Navarrette, Jr. observed in a CNN commentary,

The harder Team Clinton tries to destroy Obama, the more damage they wind up doing — to Hillary and her campaign. Just when you thought that the former first lady couldn’t come across any more unlikable, desperate, and vindictive, the floor collapses and we find ourselves on a new level.

Last week, Billy Shaheen, Clinton’s co-chairman in New Hampshire, resigned from the campaign after floating the rumor that Obama, in his youth, may have been not just a drug user but a drug dealer.  CNN

Isn’t there any act of color-aroused politicking which the Clintons now wish they had done differently, having lost 90% of the Black vote to Barack Obama?

The author is the editor of the Truth About McCain Blog and the American Journal of Color Arousal (AMJCA).




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