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Will Elizabeth Dole Make the Racist Attacks Against Obama Stop?

North Carolina absentee senator Liddy Dole was predictably not in the office when Pam Spaulding and the folks from BlueNC came calling with 1200 signatures we all collected asking Liddy to take a stand and make the racist Republican ads against Barack Obama stop — something that John McCain is too politically feeble to do.

Sez Pam:

I entered the office, and signed in the senator’s guest book, Mr. Holley came out to greet me and we went to an office adjacent to where Elizabeth Dole "works" when she is in town. I sat down with Mr. Holley and asked where the senator was. He said "she’s traveling." I didn’t get a response as to whether that was to or from NC or DC. A basic question about where my senator is while working on my dime shouldn’t be a state secret, but alas, no success on that front. I also inquired as to when Senator Dole had last been in the state. Mr. Holley said that she rode in float for a "Support Our Troops" rally of some kind last Saturday. Of course this is a rarity; Liddy Dole isn’t seen around here unless she’s campaigning.

Before departing, I requested that we receive an official response from the senator to the petition so that I could share it with readers of Firedoglake, Pam’s House Blend and BlueNC. He said he would pass that on as he took notes, also recording the number of petition signers. I asked Mr. Holley if he would like to be photographed receiving the package outside, where we could film it. He declined. I was politely escorted out of the high-security zone.

As Jane said, ¡Muy Macho! John McCain or Liddy Dole?. We’ll see. Does the NC GOP’s race-baiting dog whistle ad reflect the party of the past and the future? Senator Dole’s response will make it clear whether the GOP elders and influentials don’t care what kind of garbage is tossed out there in the name of the Republican party.

My favorite part comes from Pam’s commenter Louise:

Liddy’s schedule of "upcoming events", per her own site, has not been updated in over 3 years.

Kinda says it all, don’t it?

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