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McCain’s Already Crowned Himself President

president-mccain.JPG In his new ad touting his health-care plan, John McCain dubs himself "President McCain" at the ad’s outset. In big block letters.

I guess the formality of that quaint anachronism we used to call an election isn’t really much to worry about for Republicans anymore. After all, there’s now the Roberts Court waiting in the wings to take care of it for them if the voters refuse to play along.

Perhaps the people suffering under the delusion that they’re actually in the process of deciding who the president will be may have something to say about all this.

[H/T to Oliver Willis.]

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David Neiwert

David Neiwert

David Neiwert is the managing editor of Firedoglake. He's a freelance journalist based in Seattle and the author/editor of the blog Orcinus. He also is the author of Strawberry Days: How Internment Destroyed a Japanese American Community (Palgrave/St. Martin's Press, June 2005), as well as Death on the Fourth of July: The Story of a Killing, a Trial, and Hate Crime in America (Palgrave/St. Martin's, 2004), and In God's Country: The Patriot Movement and the Pacific Northwest (1999, WSU Press). His reportage for on domestic terrorism won the National Press Club Award for Distinguished Online Journalism in 2000.