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A Possible Solution to the ENDA Equation

Guest blogger Allison Bricker posts at The Bilerico Project.

While I believe in the principle that one’s employment should be solely based on their ability to fulfill the job requirements of their potential or current position, I disagree on the method embraced by the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) of attaining this parity amongst individuals. That said, and in the interest of truly attaining equality amongst all human beings, I present my solution to the current stalemate over ENDA…

Instead of lobbying the Federal Government to force all private companies and individuals into a legislative mandate for equality, let us instead consider the strict constructionist view of our Constitution, guided by the Founder’s vision of Federalism as stated in the 10th Amendment. Let us further call for the Federal Government to fulfill their oath of office to uphold the Constitution; most specifically to the “Promotion of the General Welfare” clause, vis-à-vis their current internal equal employment hiring policies.

While it is a common misnomer that this country is a “democracy,” which is merely tyranny of the majority, our nation was purposely constructed as a republic to ensure the protection of any and all political or demographic minorities. Therefore, governments instituted may not deny the benefits and privilege of an individual’s natural rights nor the benefits of citizenship granted civilly by governments.

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The Bilerico Project

The Bilerico Project