31 May 2008

Late Late Nite FDL: The Budos Band

Ethiopian jazz with The Budos Band performing Yene hassab gwadegna.

31 May 2008

Unhinged Clinton supporter: Dems throwing election away for 'an inadequate black male'

Oh my – the bigot knives came out big time at the Rules Committee hearing chaos. Take at look at what Jane Hamsher captured —  this inconsolable Hillary supporter, Harriet Christian, screaming at reporters in this clip about how the party is… “…throwing the election away…for what — an inadequate

31 May 2008

GRITtv commentary: Who’s Crying Now?

Oh the democracy of it all. To listen to the members of the Rules and By-Laws panel at today’s meeting of the Democratic National Committee, you’d believe that when it comes to respecting voters, their choices and election fairness, the Democrats are a stand-up bunch of rule makers: the very model of a modern democratic institution.

31 May 2008

Late Night: A Few Words about F-Words

Let’s say a few words about the F-word.

31 May 2008

Clinton Supporter Shows Bruises She Received Being Ejected From Meeting

Deborah Foster, a Long Island school teacher and Hillary Clinton supporter who was ejected from the Rules & Bylaws Committee meeting on May 31, 2008 shows her bruises. Foster and others were shouting “Denver, Denver” when security removed them from the meeting.

31 May 2008

Obama resigns from Trinity Church

Interesting timing, especially in light of the day-long discussions taking place about the reinstatements of FL and MI delegates today. Video below: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/… ee *** NOTE FROM PAM: I was going to post on this but ee beat me to it. I’ll just add my thoughts below. It was simply

31 May 2008

Puerto Rico: The Tiger Has Landed.

The sky may be gray and rainy, but the Convention Center in San Juan is swathed in purple and high spirits.

31 May 2008

Obama Breaks His Ties With Trinity Church

Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic breaks the news out of the DNC meetings:

6:26: The Obama campaign confirms that Sen. Barack Obama has quit Trinity United Church in Chicago.

31 May 2008

Clinton Supporter Ejected From Rules Meeting, “McCain Will Be Our Next President”

Things grew increasingly contentious toward the end of the Rules Committee meeting, and a Clinton supporter — who identified herself as Harriet Christian — was ejected from the room. I followed her into the hallway and she had her say for the cameras…

31 May 2008

Some Thoughts

As a Michigan voter, the most important thing that happened today was the recognition–on the part of Mark Brewer and Carl Levin–that our January primary was not a real vote. That meant more to me as anything else that happened today–it was more important to me than the numbers that came out of the process.