(UPDATE (5/1): I haven’t been in this thread since I posted it, and it’s interesting to see the steelcage match going on in here. I personally think that shouting down someone like Sorba isn’t particularly useful; I’d rather hear the speech and rip on it after the fact, simply because you’ll get the ex-gay crowd making statements about free speech and suppression of their beliefs. After all, we wouldn’t have that completely unhinged speech of Sorba’s from Cali if he had been shouted down. And to the emailer who accused me of “shutting down the comments”, that’s absurd. I don’t see anyone having difficulty commenting.)

From a reader up at Smith College, Annie R., who passed along this video of a protest against a recloseted homosexual author of an anti-gay :

The Smith College Republicans sponsored a speaking event featuring Ryan Sorba, author of the upcoming book The Born Gay Hoax.  After about twenty minutes he was forced to abandon his speech after protesters forced their way into the room and drowned him out.  I’ll send videos and articles when they are available, but I thought I’d give you a heads up and ask you to please cover this action.  I couldn’t be more proud to be a Smithie right now, after I saw so many amazing young feminists come together to stand up against this asshat and his hate.

Below the fold is video of the protest, and the batsh*ttery of Sorba.Here’s a snippet of the press release for the Sorba event in Michigan, from the Spartan Spectator:

Kyle Bristow, the chairman of the MSU chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom, said, “Sexual deviancy poses as a dire threat to our civilization; is an affront to God; corrupts culture with decadence; and is an attack on the institution of the family, which is the crux of our society.”

Ryan Sorba, who will be delivering the speech, stated, “The born gay hoax was invented in 1985 by pro-sodomy activists in effort to overturn anti-sodomy laws by way of minority status. No one is born ‘gay’-the idea is ridiculous.”

Here’s an example of Sorba’s drivel, from another appearance, just to get the flavor of it all.

The Smith protest:

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding