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Shorter Dubya: It’s All Congress’ Fault

I’ll link the transcripts/video later on…

Himself is speaking (and has for the last 25 minutes) regarding the ecomony- 6 or 7 times, he has right out blamed Congress for the financial disasters Americans are facing.

I know they say that serving as a President takes 10+ years off of one, but this man does NOT LOOK WELL. I swear this ranting appears to be the result of some sort of chemical, be it Rx med or alcohol.

Believe me, as a recovered alcoholic with family members I loved addicted to Rx meds, I do not say this lightly or caustically.

It’s frightening to watch him and has been for years. He’s never made a mistake. He has never been wrong. It is always someone else’s fault. Good gravy; doesn’t he sound like a know-it-all, smart-ass teenager? He’s agressive to the press in the Rose Garden, openly rude and antagonistic. Yet he’s “sweetness and light” when speaking with Roger Runnigen from Bloomberg; oddly so… Bush really appears unbalanced.

Now he is ripping into Martha — rudely about her questions regarding the war in Afghanistan…

What the hell is going on here??? The press seems to all be aware that Crazy Uncle George is messed up, but they are unwilling to call him on it.

Has anyone else noticed this??

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