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Obama Repudiates Hagee

As someone who has attentively watched politics for the past 20 years and seen every extremist, flim-flamming fundy freak waltz around without challenge as they pray for Armageddon, or say Hurricaine Katrina was god’s revenge against gays, or peddle religious bigotry and eliminationist hate speech unassailed, I’m a bit disgusted at the moment. As long as these Elmer Gantrys were white Republicans, they never earned a one-way pass off the national stage. Nobody is ever forced to renounce them, no matter what vile, sexist, homophobic, violent, wretched or degrading thing they might say. They are always treated with the reverence of some august personage because, well, they are men of God and a bunch of snake handlers looked to them for spiritual guidance.

But Jeremiah Wright says something the media elites don’t find savory, and he’s in constant rotation 24/7 on cable news. Obama has to wear him like a Christmas ornament and is forced to repudiate him.

Fine. I anxiously await John Hagee’s statement about the Catholic Church being the "great whore" getting the same kind of treatment. John McCain sought out Hagee’s endorsement, and said he was "proud" to get it. Why isn’t that the topic du jour? Hell, it even comes with Bill Donohue for amplification; if they have him on to talk about Chocolate Jesus every five minutes certainly the presidential race should deserve as much attention.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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