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Where’s Liddy? Tell Elizabeth Dole To Stop Racist Attack Ads Against Barack Obama

Update: It’s getting weird — the RNC is trying to stop MSNBC and CNN from airing the DNC’s "100 year" ad against McCain.

By refusing to listen to John McCain’s feeble pleas not to run racist attack ads against Barack Obama, the North Carolina GOP is making him look weak, impotent and too lacking in political muscle to control the extremists in his own party. But the excuse they’re using is that at bottom, "it’s a North Carolina issue."

Who’s the most senior member of the NC GOP? Well that would be Liddy Dole. NC Democratic Party Chair Jerry Meek has sent a letter to Dole saying "without a doubt, you could halt this ad with a simple telephone call."

Dole is up for re-election this year (and will be running against either Kay Hagen or Blue America candidate Jim Neal). But where is she? She’s never in the state, she lives at the Watergate in DC, she rarely makes public appearances in NC. It seems she’s gone Washington — because once again, she’s nowhere to be found when it comes to a North Carolina issue.

She can stop the racist attack ads against Obama, and we’re asking her to send this letter:

Dear Chairwoman Linda Daves,

I disapprove of the content of the North Carolina Republican Party’s recent advertisement "Extreme". I feel that it resorts to a type of negative politicking that betrays the best interest of North Carolinians.

I call on you, as Chairwoman of the North Carolina Republican Party, to immediately stop airing this advertisement. Failure to do so will reflect negatively on all North Carolina Republicans, and would necessitate that I return the Party’s contributions to my campaign to disassociate myself from the vitriol which you appear to embrace.

We’ll be working with NC bloggers (including Pam Spaulding) to deliver the petition to Dole’s office. You can cosign here.

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