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Sunday Late Nite: Make GOPs Cry

Nothing seems to upset the GOPs more than when they see actual proof that John McCain believes American troops should be in Iraq for 100 years.

But he said it.

It’s on video.

The wingnuts claim it’s "out of context."

But it’s not. This is what he said when a questioner stated that President Bush has talked about our staying in Iraq for fifty years.

"Maybe a hundred. That’d be fine with me."

This is what the GOP fears most: that American voters will come to understand McCain’s Middle East plan.

More war, more death, more carnage, more orphans, and more treasure lost in the desert.  More war profiteering, too.

For one hundred years.

Also, on the same day that the Cindy’s Kept FlyBoy story hit, St McCain "came out of one of his eight mansions and told the press that" Obama is insensitive to poor people.


My question for Sunday nite is: will the North Carolina GOP ad run tomorrow? Is McCain impotent?

{YouTube "100" courtesy of the Democratic National Committee.  More of this please, Dr Dean!}

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Teddy Partridge