Subterranean Dumbshit Blues

If you don’t remember the sixties, you are probably a Republican.

The Corner’s resident idiot windbag, Lisa Shiffren:

Dylan Does Obama [Lisa Schiffren]

I found this brilliant riff on Bob Dylan’s Memphis Blues — The Obama Variations — at the Althouse blog. She knew she had to share it. But she felt compelled to apologize for sounding anti-Obama, and pointed out that she considered him first in the flawed field. Please, Ann, rethink that, based on your own observations.

For my part, I hope the RNC — or some loaded 527 — has the wit to hire this guy to do campaign ads. One funny Dylanesque parody of Obama is worth a thousand thoughtful conservative arguments. It’s past time to reach out to all those rock’n’ roll Republicans. But I am dating myself here….

To start with the obvious: it’s the wrong fucking song, horribly done, dull as shit, too slow, filmed poorly, painful to watch, and not even within smelling distance of mildly clever. Parody only works when you understand the source material or, least, have a passing acquaintance.


You know "Rock’n’ roll Republicans" really make me miss South Park Republicans. At least they knew what they were jerking off to.

Sorry Lisa, You’re an idiot, babe. It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe.

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