Work is sucking the life out of me, again…this time I am spending two weeks in Europe before I have a week at home before I have a six day week working a trade show on the west coast.

The self pity aside, it has been very eye opening to spend some time in Europe.  I know the majority of Europeans don’t like W…can’t fault them there!

What I have found amazing is how much they love Hillary.  They are cheering for her to keep fighting, even though they know little about Obama or the way she has been dragging him down or the little chance she has of securing the nomination.

The TV channels at the hotel are pathetic, of course, I don’t speak German, but I have to base my current mindset on what is available on the net and the TV.  All that is available is CNN, BBC, and Bloomberg in english.  NONE of them want to point out the obvious, that Hillary is trying to destroy Obama and the Democratic party.

Her donors are scrambling from her camp and donating to Obama, none of his are crossing over and donating to her.  Super delegates are crossing the line to Obama too, number crossing over to Hillary, hmmm, ZERO.

Now Hillary is making news in Europe and is it good?  NO…she wants to obliterate Iran if it takes action against Israel.  The people in Europe see this as a Bush like response.  We need to see it as what it is…rhetoric that will only serve to alienate the US from the rest of the world.




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