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'Top secret' gay activi$m in political races

Oh nooees!  In a Christian Broadcast News report, the ace bankroller of the Homosexual Agenda, the man name-checked by Sally Kern herself, Tim Gill is further exposed as the arch enemy.

You probably haven’t heard the name Tim Gill. And that’s just the way he wants it.

Carrie Earll, Senior Director of Issues Analysis for Focus on the Family explains, “Tim Gill is stealth. He’s under the radar. When he goes after a candidate he doesn’t make homosexuality the issue. He picks something else because he knows the issue of homosexuality is still risky among the electorate.”

A Colorado native, Gill still calls Denver home. He made his millions in the 80s and 90s as the founder of the publishing software giant Quark.

…Gill’s no secret in the gay world. Out magazine just named him the fifth most influential gay in the country. But Gill, his spokesperson, and big-time gay rights organizations all refused requests from CBN News to talk about Gill.

The tinfoil hattery is below the fold.Gill’s contributions toward campaigns are seen as some sort of influence that surpasses the efforts of the well-funded right wing. In this case they make an example of a $50K donation to the New York State Democratic Senate Campaign Committee. The intent here, for Gill is to help elect pro-marriage equality candidates to the state legislature, which is on the brink of making it possible for same-sex couples to marry. It’s a conspiracy!

Perhaps one of Gill’s smartest strategies is staying behind the scenes. In Albany, CBN News had a hard time finding a lawmaker who knew his name, let alone anything about his influence.

Even the hard-charging Senate Majority leader Joseph Bruno who stands to lose the most knew little – at least before CBN News alerted him.

When we asked Bruno about Gill he said he was not “intimately aware” of him. But on hearing of his campaign contribution to the Senate Democrats, Bruno asserted, “we’re not going to be influenced by pressure from people from out of state and especially just trying to jam and ram legislation through the legislature with dollars.”

…But for many pro-family advocates, Gill’s multi-millions make it a David-and-Goliath fight. Matt Barber with Concerned Women for America says “we don’t have an evangelical Christian Tim Gill that has stepped forward.”

Jeebus, is he kidding? “Pro-family” organizations outspend LGBT orgs by a huge margin. Take North Carolina, for example, to compare:

— NC Family Policy Council Budget: $812K

— Equality NC’s: $262K


* Sally Kern’s worst nightmare – gay donor$

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