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Can We Import China’s New Food Safety Rules?


Now here’s an export from China I’d honestly love:

Manufacturers who produce sub-standard food could be jailed for life under a new draft law unveiled by Chinese authorities.

Coming to a market near me?

Not so fast: China’s leaders still haven’t served it up for their own people.

First World food megacorps don’t want the strong new protections on the menu.

But food companies — including Nestle, Mars and Coca-Cola — have complained that the system will increase production costs while doing little to improve standards.

Oh well — at least our First World megacorps are consistent: they also sank China’s recent attempt to improve workers’ conditions.

In March, 2006 the Forbidden City rulers — the mandarins — announced improved labor standards for China’s factory workers, known as the Labor Contract Law.

In response, the First World’s rulers — the megacorps — bludgeoned China’s rulers to roll back the improved work rules: better lives for China’s factory workers would cost the First World’s wealthiest people — the owners — too much.

And by December of 2006, China’s rulers complied, rolling back much of the reforms.

Only to see China’s abysmal treatment of her workers become one of many human rights abuses illuminated by the Great Torchwash Backward.

After all that, now the First World’s rulers want China’s people to keep eating toxic swill.

Wonder what the Forbidden City rulers will do this time?

Side with the Foreign Devils who tell obese people and their kids chocolate bars are "health food" (Mars), serially kill Third World babies (Nestle), and whose bottlers torture and assassinate labor leaders (Coke)?

Or — now that the Forbidden City’s thorough propaganda campaign (itself frantically launched to spin the failure of their Great Torchwash propaganda campaign) has sparked mass outrage against foreign critics of the PRC’s policies – will the mandarins side against the megacorps to protect their people’s food?

Foreign Devils want you to eat toxic swill.

Can’t wait to see how the megacorps spin that.

Work longer shifts!

Eat toxic crap!

Buy our stuff!

Maybe they can use Mark Penn. He seems to have some free time coming up.

[image: Mike Licht, Notions]

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