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Dear Superdelegates…

OK, OK, you’ve made your point. We get it. You’re super powerful and important. We all see that now. And let me just add, personally, that we’re all tremendously impressed and awed by your superness. Promise.


Will you please listen to our party chairman, Howard Dean, and tell us who the hell you’re voting for?

We just went through another grueling primary in which tens of millions of dollars are spent, both sides beat the crap out of each other substantively debating their many policy differences over trivial personality shit and behaved in increasingly demeaning ways (Crown Royal?! Bowling!?!?!) and the net result is — yet again — a virtually unchanged delegate count.

Enough. Seriously.


I have to say that I’m getting really tired of this. All the superdelegates should just say who they’re voting for and bring this to the end. If they want to back Hillary Clinton despite Obama’s majority in elected delegates, they should say so. Or if they want Barack Obama to be the nominee, they should say so. The idea that in two weeks we’ll have another inconclusive primary, then another, then another, then another and then the superdelegates make up their mind is inane — everyone else who follows politics can decide.


Democratic superdelegates, unless you are the biggest attention whores/megalomaniacs on the planet, there’s no good reason why you can’t tell us who you’re with now. We’ve been looking at these candidates for 13 months, we’ve seen them from every angle imaginable, we know more about them then we knew about John Kerry, Al Gore and Bill Clinton. And there’s nothing Guam or Puerto Rico or South Dakota is going to tell us that we didn’t already know.

Show us your cards. Give it up.

Pretty please?

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Blue Texan

Blue Texan